Ashraf laidi


Ashraf Laidi Mr. Ashraf Laidi has been the Chief Global Strategist of City Index Limited since January 2012. Mr. Laidi has been Chief Global Strategist at City Index (Holdings) Limited since January 17, 2012. His role is to provide expert market analysis to its global client base, the media and the company's key [...]

Naeem Aslam


Naeem Aslam Naeem, a salient analyst among London’s financial markets pioneer who frequently envisages the market right. He intermittently partakes across all major TV media outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC, BBC, Fox Business, Fance24, Sky News, Al Jazeera and many other Tier one media across the globe. He is a renowned columnist on [...]

Ali Saif


Ali Saif Saif is a self-taught Quantitative Trader and Investor. With a deep background in Mathematics, Machine Learning and Computer Science, Saif has always taken a more than keen interest in the applications of Data Science using C/C#/C++, Python, R and Java to Quantitative Finance and Reinforcement Learning. This naturally led him into [...]

Juan Colón


Juan Colón CEO y Co-fundador de Darwinex Juan Colón es co-fundador de Darwinex - el nuevo mercado financiero donde cotizan los traders independientes. Antes de fundar Darwinex en 2012, Juan adquirió 12 años de experiencia en el sector financiero, trabajando para los principales bancos europeos desde Londres (Reino Unido) y Ginebra (Suiza). Juan cuenta con [...]

Ioannis Kantartzis


Ioannis Kantartzis Nació en Ottawa, Canadá y creció en Thessaloniki, Grecia. En 1994 se licenció en Económicas en la Universidad de Macedonia, Grecia. Posee un Master en Money, Banking and Finance de la Universidad de Birmingham, Reino Unido, y un Diploma en Económicas de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, España. Además hizo varios [...]