Project Description

Ali Saif

Saif is a self-taught Quantitative Trader and Investor.

With a deep background in Mathematics, Machine Learning and Computer Science, Saif has always taken a more than keen interest in the applications of Data Science using C/C#/C++, Python, R and Java to Quantitative Finance and Reinforcement Learning.

This naturally led him into the world of retail financial trading almost a decade ago, the time of the global financial crisis giving him an abundance of data to start him off in robust quantitative development.

Saif currently licenses 5 of his strategies to Darwinex, who have listed them as investable, risk-weighted DARWIN assets on The Open Trader Exchange. The strategies provide Trade Timing, while Darwinex provides the Risk Management to investors.

He is currently #4 in the Darwinex Hall of Fame, by Performance Fees earned on a high-water mark basis, on risk-weighted returns of 229.84% since 2012 at 10% VaR across all his DARWINs combined.

In his spare time, Saif enjoys composing music and consuming copious amounts of tea.