Project Description

Ken Medanić

Founder, NeuroTrader

Managing Director, Pelican Technologies

Ken Medanićwas born and educated in Sydney, Australia.   He started trading whilst enrolled at Southern Cross University, where he specialized in security analysis and portfolio management. During this time, he also started a trading partnership, focusing on trading commodity futures contracts.

In 2005 Ken began development on a new trading platform which integrated qualitative behavioural models. In 2009, he began exploring the relationship between biology, neurology, psychology, and trading results through privately-funded, empirically-based research. He defined this relationship as the “psychophysiology of trading”. 3 years later, he had clear evidence: biological responses precede trading results. NeuroTrader was born.

Ken moved to Silicon Valley, California in 2012 to obtain a better understanding of biodata collection techniques, QEEG, HRV, and artificial intelligence models.  In 2015, he moved to Montreal, Canada. There, he developed relationships with equipment manufacturers, completed a four-month Olympic training program and established a North American base. Montreal provided access to the hedge fund and banking communities of New York, Chicago, Montreal, and Toronto. In May 2018, he initiated the commercialization phase of NeuroTrader and has since been met with eager anticipation and interest from banks and hedge funds in North America. He is currently establishing an online hedge fund with 86 traders.

Ken presented the topic of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on fund management at the International China Hedge Fund Summit in 2017. In 2018, he spoke on the same topic at the International Investor Symposium in London, England.  He has been a guest lecturer at the Rochester Institute of Technology on the topic of machine learning and its impact on the financial markets.